Medical Lien Factoring

In addition to its innovative Advance Rate purchasing model, American Horizon Financial (AHF) provides more traditional medical lien factoring. AHF steps in post-treatment and purchases personal injury medical liens, compensating the medical provider for the services rendered in exchange for the rights to the lien and a percentage of the final payout.

How It Works

Medical provider cares for patient, accepting LOP as promise of payment.

AHF steps in post-treatment and pays the medical provider a discounted rate based on prompt payment.

The medical provider assigns AHF the right to collect on the lien.

AHF collects the proceeds from the case at settlement.

AHF alleviates the medical provider’s risk of non or reduced payment by purchasing a medical lien, or letter of protection (LOP), on a portion of the potential proceeds from personal injury cases. AHF then takes an equitable lien on the proceeds. 

AHF offers medical lien factoring to doctors, hospitals, surgical centers, MRI centers, and pain management clinics, making it easier than ever to treat personal injury victims.

Benefits of the Medical Lien Factoring Model

  • Creates cash flow for medical providers.
  • Removes the risk of adverse case outcomes.
  • Eliminates lengthy collection times.
  • Prevents collection nightmare scenarios at time of settlement.
  • Creates additional opportunity within the marketplace.
  • Provides up-front payments, which are typically higher than what health insurance companies provide.
  • Removes the additional costs associated with self-underwriting cases.

Book of Receivables Purchasing

In addition to working with medical providers on a case-by-case basis, AHF purchases a books of medical lien claims or receivables derived from their current personal injury case portfolio.

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Address: 5571 N. University Dr. Suite 104, Coral Springs, FL 33067

Toll Free: 1 (800) 566-3140

Local: (954) 719-6000

Fax: (954) 697-3100

Address: 5571 N. University Dr. Suite 104, Coral Springs, FL 33067