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Medical Care Financing for Personal Injury Victims​​


What We Do

American Horizon Financial (AHF) works with medical providers to ensure personal injury victims get the medical care they need. Our innovative financing methods help guarantee medical providers are compensated with up-front funding before undertaking costly procedures.

Flexible Underwriting

Backed by leading investors in the industry, AHF evaluates, underwrites, and finances cases of all sizes.

Legal Liaison

AHF has the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully negotiate case settlement reductions. AHF supports relationships between healthcare providers and attorneys by quickly approving claims.

Rapid funding

The AHF team efficiently evaluates cases and often provides approvals the same day.

Concierge Services

AHF has developed relationships with industry leading healthcare companies to handle health care related administrative tasks, like any other health insurer. This enables AHF to focus its resources on underwriting, deploying capital, and managing portfolio risks.

Financing Options

Advance Rate Model​

Liquidate risk while retaining relationships with partner attorneys. AHF advances on a percentage of the patient’s bills. Upon case settlement, AHF and the medical provider split the settlement funds.​

Medical Lien Factoring​

Personal injury financing solutions through the purchase of Letters of Protection. AHF pays medical providers for services rendered to patients in exchange for a percentage of the final settlement.

Pre-Authorization Program​

AHF underwriters review personal injury cases and preemptively authorize funding for the victim’s medical care. Pre-authorization allows physicians to care for their patients without worrying about recovering funds from a settlement.

Toll Free: 1 (800) 566-3140 – Local: (954) 719-6000 – Fax: (954) 697-3100
Address: 5571 N. University Dr. Suite 104, Coral Springs, FL 33067

Toll Free: 1 (800) 566-3140

Local: (954) 719-6000

Fax: (954) 697-3100

Address: 5571 N. University Dr. Suite 104, Coral Springs, FL 33067