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There are approximately 3 million Americans injured in an estimated 5.25 million auto accidents occurring each year in the United States. Representing these injury victims are approximately 76,000 personal injury lawyers, according to the American Bar Association. The busiest injury practices resolve upwards of 10,000 cases per year. Personal Injury litigation is a necessary component of our civil justice system which holds wrongdoers responsible for the damages they inflict, but is also a massive and robust “industry.” Liability carriers, most notably auto liability carriers, attempt to avoid payment on claims while PI Lawyers attempt to maximize that payment, with healthcare playing a huge part in defining the recoveries made by victims and the legal fees collected.

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Many personal injury victims do not have adequate health insurance to help pay for their medical care. Many don’t have any health insurance at all and even the ones that do, many times the health insurance does not cover personal injury. Even if it does the victims in many cases cannot afford the high deductibles or copays. For the uninsured or underinsured, it is not so simple to get the medical care that is needed. When an uninsured person is injured in an accident, they have difficulty accessing medical care, because medical care is expensive. Obtaining medical treatment for injuries suffered, especially surgical care (the most expensive of all medical treatment), is often a threshold requirement to recovering policy limits from a tortfeasor’s insurance carrier. Therefore, this fundamental problem of access to care has been addressed by the marketplace within the financing options discussed.