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Medical Lien Factoring

Medical Lien Factoring – (The traditional method)

Medical Lien Factoring for Personal Injury Cases

American Horizon Financial's (AHF) Medical Lien funding program provides specialty financing solutions to medical providers , such as hospitals, surgical centers, MRI centers and pain management clinics (that offer procedures) nationwide, through the purchase of their personal injury medical liens (Letters Of Protection).

AHF purchases a Letter of Protection (LOP) on a portion of potential proceeds from Personal Injury cases and takes an equitable lien on that specific portion of the proceeds. If the case is dropped or dismissed, AHF typically does not get paid.

AHF Purchases Existing Lien Portfolios

AHF will underwrite cases after surgeries or procedures have taken place. AHF will purchase some or all of a medical provider's current portfolio.

Pre Authorization Program

AHF will analyze a case prior to the performance of a procedure as part of our underwriting process. Pre-authorization helps reduce the probability that medical providers will incur expenses where the likelihood of recovering funds through settlement is unlikely. 100% of the cost of the underwriting process is paid for by AHF regardless of the conclusions. Pre‐authorization saves money and reduces risk for Medical Providers.

Attorney & Medical Provider Relationships

AHF understands that the relationship between attorneys and health care providers involves a great deal of trust. We work to preserve and maintain these integral relationships.

Medical Providers use AHF to create cash flow in order to grow their practice and stay competitive. Our funding programs enable practices to purchasing the most cutting‐edge medical equipment and hire new staff instead of tying up funds in receivables. They use AHF to eliminate risk, save the expense of underwriting cases and provide the time and peace of mind to concentrate on medical procedures not collections.

Which Cases Qualify
  • Compelling liability
  • Documented damages
  • Defendant's ability to pay on amounts well above damages

How Attorneys Benefit from Medical Lien Funding:
Finding doctors and surgery centers willing to perform medical procedures on a Letter of Protection basis is a challenge. AHF will finance the LOPs and even pre-approve a case so attorneys can select the doctors they really want and provide them with advance funding.

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What is 3+0

AHF's Medical Lien Funding program
offers several advantages.

  • Creates cash flow for the medical provider.
  • Removes the risk of adverse case outcomes.
  • Eliminates lengthy collection times.
  • Eliminates collection nightmares at time of settlement.
  • Creates additional opportunity within the marketplace.
  • Provides up‐front payments which are typically more than what would be received through health insurance companies.
  • Removes the additional costs associated with self‐underwriting cases.

AHF Sets Itself Apart
From Competition

  • Speed of underwriting – AHF can often approve cases the same day.
  • Instant Payments – Funding will take place within 1 business day of approval .
  • Market Insight – The process of underwriting and settling cases requires a deep understanding of legal and medical concepts, all handled delicately. AHF has the knowledge and experience to handle cases professionally.
  • Legal Liaison – AHF becomes your partner when presenting to attorneys.
  • Deep Pockets AHF is well Financed and can purchases LOP's on strong personal Injury cases.