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Affordable Health Care Advantage Program - AHCAP

Affordable Health Care Advantage Program (AHCAP)

American Horizon Financial is a best in class provider of health care financing and servicing solutions to the personal injury market place. AHF has successfully pioneered a product called the Affordable Health Care Advanced Program (AHCAP) which offers a total financing solution to accident victims that don't have adequate health insurance. This plan allows medical providers and attorneys to partner with AHF to facilitate lien based medical care for accident victims. AHF's affordable healthcare advanced program is a product that creates a win-win scenario for all participants. Medical providers benefit by getting access to new client channels. In addition, medical providers receive a predictable service payment more competitive then reimbursement from managed care insurance carriers. Law firms get access to a network of medical providers for their clients, while streamlining multiple bills and settlement demands through one single point of contact. Patients receive immediate medical care and other health related concierge services.

Benefits of the AHCAP model on every level

Patients benefit from this by
  • Having prompt and efficient access to proper Medical Care.
  • Access to extensive Network of top tier Board Certified Physicians.
  • Sensible rates that fall within the fair health pricing guidelines leaving a lot more money in the patients pocket come settlement time (verses the traditional LOP model).
  • Access to concierge services.
  • Having a single point of contact for all liens, de facto making the communication and retrieval regarding all bills stress-free.
  • Getting access to top tier physicians with reasonable billing making it possible for his client to receive care and still get a settlement.
  • Settling his cases more efficiently and timely by not having to negotiate with multiple providers.
Medical Providers
  • Get paid promptly.
  • Avoid cases that are losing propositions and that take longer than expected to settle.
  • Receive additional referrals from AHFs business through its extensive network of PI attorneys.
  • Get a fee schedule that pays better then managed care.

Due to the improvement from the traditional model to the preferred model, AHF has opened the door to team up with concierge companies that manage across-the-board treatment of their patients. We accomplish this by customizing the AHCAP program to fit their needs or by utilizing a hybrid of our models called the advance rate servicing solution.

Advance Rate Servicing Solution

AHF created the Advance Rate Servicing Solution for medical providers that want to concentrate on treating patients rather than deal with having to underwriting PI cases and understand the legalities and nuances in the PI world. At the same time the Advance Rate Servicing Solution is designed for medical providers that want to partake in the monetary benefits of when a case settles. AHF allows this to happen by purchasing from medical providers at a lower rate but will share funds when cases settle. This hybrid solution provides immediate capital for expenses, shared risk, and the confidence in knowing that experts have evaluated the case. Most importantly attorneys get to continue working directly with the medical providers that they have relationships with. The Advance Rate Servicing Solution is designed to work as a best of both worlds answer.

Concierge Services

AHF has developed relationships with industry leading Healthcare companies to handle health care related administrative tasks, like any other health insurer. These relationships allow AHF to simply approve claims meeting its underwriting criteria. AHF’s relationships bring health concierge services (such as scheduling, billing, and document retrieval) and all claims processing and cost-containment functions into the fold, to be handled by medical professionals specializing is these roles, leaving AHF to focus all of its Resources on underwriting, deploying capital, and managing portfolio risks.