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About American Horizon Financial

American Horizon Financial (AHF) is an innovative finance company that finances health care for personal injury victims that don’t have adequate health insurance. AHF employs various different methods to accomplish this by incorporating the traditional methods, innovating new models, and staying flexible for potential markets. Established by insurance, finance, healthcare, and systems development entrepreneurs, AHF has revolutionized and continues to improve upon the funding and delivery of accident related health care, to the benefit of underinsured accident victims, medical providers, and PI attorneys alike.

The Traditional Method – (Medical Lien Factoring)

AHF like all finance companies, at its inception, employed the “traditional” model exclusively. Under this traditional model, underinsured injury victims only had access to care through the “Letter of Protection” or “LOP” model. This is where health care providers who want to treat these patients simply agree to accept a signed contract from the patient and or their attorney, which promises to pay the medical bills from the patient’s injury settlement, if and when a recovery is made down the road. In this scenario, doctors collect their fee from attorneys at time of settlement. To alleviate the medical providers immediate need for money, AHF steps in post-surgery and factors the “LOP” by paying the Medical Provider a discounted rate based on prompt payment. At this point the Medical Provider assigns the right to collect on the lien over to AHF. AHF will then wait and hope to collect on the future possible settlement.

Through AHFs experience we have seen certain flaws in the traditional method and therefore pioneered a new way to finance these liens, this model is called AHCAP. However, in certain unique scenarios we will employ the above method.


AHF has successfully pioneered a product called the “Affordable Health Care Advance Program” “AHCAP”. In this model instead of AHF stepping in after the fact (like the traditional model), the patients enter this medical network from day one via accessing one of the doctors within the network. In this model attorneys will call AHF when they have patients that need to be treated. The AHCAP network has pre-negotiated fee schedules with physicians similarly to that of managed care. This is the preferred method.

Because of the innovation of this preferred model, AHF has opened the doors to teaming up with companies that manage comprehensive treatment to their patients. Whether by customizing the AHCAP program to fit their needs or by our advance rate servicing options, AHF has many different ways to meet the needs of its providers.